Easy, fast, secure

  • Adjustable length stay supports yard sides
  • Adjust to correct length and screw tight into place
  • 20mm hole at top attaches to male pin; 28mm hole at bottom attaches to three-pin base extender
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • No specialist tools needed

The Whites Wires FASTYARD™ system provides quick and easy assembly of gates, transforming them into working yards, fast. There is no welding required or specialist tools needed. Simply position the components and lock them in.

Engineered to provide a robust, positive fit, the FASTYARD™ system gives as good as it gets and is stable on uneven surfaces. For additional stability, bases can be pegged into place and the optional telescopic stay assists with straight runs.

The main components (clamps, bases and stay) have been hot dip galvanised for a long service life in all weather conditions.

Whites Wires FASTYARD™ is a cost-effective alternative to custom-made yards. Utilising your existing or off-the-shelf gates, there is no manufacturing lead time. The yard can also be also re-configured as needs change.

Whites Wires FASTYARD™ transforms gates into working yards.

13709 Fastyard™ Telescopic Stay
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