Steel Fence Dropper
    Dropper Clips

Add strength and flexibility to fences

  • Manufactured from high tensile steel
  • Heavily galvanised for long life
  • Pack of 25 includes tool and clips

Whites Wires Fence Droppers can be used when building a new fence or where repairs are needed to strengthen an existing fence. They are easily attached to barbed wire, plain wire or pre-fabricated fencing using the clips and tool provided.

They are manufactured from high grade steel and are heavily galvanised to ensure long life. They come packed in easy-to-handle bundles of 25 and include a fixing tool, ample clips and easily followed fixing instructions.

Fence droppers are less expensive than fence posts and can be used as a substitute when spacing fence components. They act not only as wire spacers but they also assist the transfer of shock loadings from one or two wires to the whole fence.

Because Fence Droppers are strong and lightweight droppers add strength and flexibility to a fence. For maximum strength, droppers should be fixed on alternate sides of the fence.
Droppers also provide a good visual barrier for stock.
10510 Steel Fence Droppers
10511 Steel Fence Droppers
10512 Steel Fence Droppers
10514 Steel Fence Droppers
10515 Steel Fence Droppers
10516 Dropper Clips 500gm
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