Balcony Round Deluxe 
Balcony Ring 200mm 

Decorative pot holders

Quickly and easily enhance any fence and railing. No screw or drilling required to bring your garden or balcony to life in seconds.

  • Sizes to suit a variety pots
  • Decorative designs to enhance your home
  • Mount easily over railings and fences
    • Terracotta wall bracket

      An easy way to add pots to your walls and fences. Innovative slim line design and the ability to add flowers to otherwise plain walls and fences really enhances any garden or balcony.

    • Innovative design
    • Mount easily on wall and fences

      18165 Terracotta Pot Holder
      18188 Balcony Ring Pot Holder - 200mm
      18173 Balcony Pot Holder - Round Deluxe
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