Whites Wires - Outdoor Supa-Net


  • Virtually invisible when installed
  • Chemical resistant and rot proof
  • Easy to cut, shape and install

Whites Outdoor Supa-Net is made from bi-oriented plastic to create a safe protective net that is high in strength and is also lightweight.

The fine black mesh is virtually invisible when installed. It’s high tensile strength means it can be made lighter and less obtrusive than traditional plastic netting, yet still remain resilient.

So many uses:

  • Attach to a balcony or deck railings to stop items accidentally falling off
  • Rigid enough to use as a trellis on walls and fences
  • Protective barrier when growing fruit and vegetables
  • A leaf net over ornamental ponds
  • As a sporting net

Supa-Net is easy to cut and shape. Install using staples or loop ties.

Note: Animals may be able to chew through plastic netting. Size may vary due to the thermoplastic nature of the netting and some light trimming of edges may be necessary
1200mm x 10m, nom.20x20mm aperture
15509 900mm x 10m, nom.20x20mm aperture
15506 600mm x 10m, nom.20x20mm aperture
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